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Mazzarella O'Flaherty is an award-winning, Dingle-born folk artist and musician. In 1975, International Women's Year, she won the Soroptomist's Award in the oil category. In 1997, she converted her cottage in Dingle town to a studio gallery. Mazzland, the title Mazz has adopted for her work since 1990, is an expression of personal images influenced firstly by the stark beauty of West Kerry and the changing ways of life on Europe's western seaboard. Mazz would describe herself as a colourist first. Impressionism influences her work; lively, bright sweeping strokes dance on the canvas portraying moods, stormy seas, flower filled fields and landscapes. Mazz continues to paint, write songs and perform. Mazz has exhibited in many solo shows and group exhibitions in both Ireland and the U.S.A. Current Themes for her artwork are "Island and Sunsets, Seven Waves and Dance of the Fire Flowers.

A selection of my paintings

Mazzland Painting 1 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 2 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 3 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 4 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 5 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 6 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 7 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 8 Dingle Artist
Mazzland Painting 9 Dingle Artist

Mazz O’ Flaherty .. Artist./ Singer/ Songwriter ..born and living in Dingle, Co. Kerry. Ireland. My Paintings ( Acrylic and oils ). Inspired by the wild and windswept seas and mountains of West Kerry .. which infiltrates my feelings and emotions through ever changing colours and Light . I am keenly aware of the sea-fairing tradition in The O’Flaherty family, and I feel I have inherited an understanding of the moods of the oceans..which I depict in the paintings of the ‘Islands and the Sunsets’… Also drawing from the symbolism of the number 7 which brings forth ‘The Seventh Wave’ series .. giving honour to the fact that the waves break on the 7th turn of the current tides. At the moment I am also painting “The Dance of the fire flowers “ series .. and as time goes by more inspiration comes to me . I think that the words I wrote in “ The Painting Song “ “ the colours on the canvas … An embroidery of our dreams … Is the foundation rock of my art. As I journey through a tapestry of colours in my life Hope you enjoy my colours etc.. as much as I do painting them .
All the best, Mazz O’ Flaherty.

Outside Mazzland Dingle

Outside Mazzland

Former President McAleese with Mazz

Former President McAleese

Inside Mazzland Dingle

Inside Mazzland